Sarah Furaha holds a medical degree from Hope Africa University and has over eight years of experience in the community development sector, specifically focusing on healthcare. She is committed to tackling and bringing awareness to the lack of sufficient and adequate mental healthcare services. She is the project manager of Village Health Action (VHA) where she sheds the spotlight on challenges faced by persons with mental disabilities so that the mental health field be totally integrated into primary healthcare and the general health system. Sarah is a founding member of Uzima, which is committed to finding solutions to local health problems. She also actively volunteers at BCMDA, an association of Christian doctors and dentists, where she helps to form a generation of ethically conscientious doctors driven by community impact. Additionally, Sarah volunteers as a General Secretary at EMC (English Medical Center) that has already managed to train a thousand students and doctors on the use of general and medical English. Sarah plans to continue her advocacy work for the rights and benefits of persons with mental disorders, as well as to promote psychosocial monitoring, develop psychiatric and rehabilitation facilities, and initiate group counseling centers with a focus on youth and women.