The VHA has a volunteer policy that adheres to Burundi legislation and international standards. We recognize that volunteering is an essential component of our work.

Volunteers are treated with dignity and as valuable members of the VHA team. The volunteering relationship benefits both VHA and our volunteers. We appreciate the time and effort they put in. Our volunteers may gain real-world work experience, the satisfaction of knowing they are making a difference, and the opportunity to put their faith into action.


Although our volunteers are not paid, we recognize their efforts in other ways, such as per diems at our events and incentives for exceptional volunteers.

Volunteers have both rights and responsibilities, including the following:

  • Work in a healthy and safe environment that adheres to equal opportunity and anti-discrimination laws. Volunteers are not chosen based on their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, or disability.
  • Be provided with accurate and truthful information about VHA.
  • Be provided with a copy of the organization’s volunteer policy and any other documents that affect their work.
  • Be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.

The volunteer also has responsibilities to the organization, which include:

  • Working within the VHA staff
  • Signing our Code of Conduct
  • Carrying out duties per their role statement
  • Participating in any required training or information sessions
  • Taking responsibility for their safety at work
  • Reporting incidents and hazards to their supervisor.

What kind of volunteers that VHA need?

  • Medical students
  • Medical doctors
  • Science communicators
  • Nurses
  • Pyschologists
  • Lab technicians
  • Community organisers
  • Campaign organisers
  • Social media gurus
  • IT persons