• Public Health Promotion: According to some studies, 80 % of diseases can be prevented if people are educated. In Burundi, there are more people still consulting witch doctors, refusing to invest in health, being manipulated on health issues by people who pretend to treat them. Women do not have information about family planning; Adolescents are not educated on sexual and reproductive health rights that lead to illegal abortion, unintended pregnancies, sexual transmitted infections; people living with non-communicable diseases loose lose due to misconception of their diseases; people buying antibiotics without prescription. As a healthcare professional and young leaders, we are accountable to provide health education to all people from grassroots level to national and regional level.
  • Youth empowerment: 60 % of the population are young. Village health Action strongly believe that investing in young people through capacity building will help to tackle the global issues which humanity face. Thus, we provide teaching skills on medical and general English; ICTs; public speaking; mentorship; innovation and entrepreneurship. There is no development and no health without development. We tackle different components of determinants of health such as youth unemployment to assure that educated, empowered and competitive young people would be healthy.
  • Advocacy: Hold people accountable and advocate for the needy is one of the tools we use to move decision makers to elaborate effective policies and to act on what they have accepted to do. We have held advocacy on HIV and harm reduction, non-communicable diseases and keep on. We are committed to advance universal health coverage by advocating to extend free of charge for children under 5 years, pregnant women to national health insurance for all.
  • Medical English: Burundi is a Francophone countries. The education system is in French and the country has integrated East African community which use English as official. The world of today is network and cooperation. Our healthcare professionals cannot compete at regional and international level because of barrier language. Our initiative is to equip healthcare professionals in medical English so that they can study, work and research in English without any trouble.

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  • Research: best buys are possible when you implement policies after evidence based research. We boost research in public health by collecting data on diary and training early career investigators to conduct more research that will guide government, donors and partners to work referring on evidence. The organization is developing a program to train medical students, junior doctors to start writing abstracts, articles, and initiation to research method course.