Dr. Alexis NIZIGIYIMANA holds a MD degree in medicine from the University of Burundi with an expertise in general practitioner. Dr. Alexis also hold a certificate degree in Leadership, public management and Quality improvement in health care from University of Wisconsin-Madison in USA. Dr. Alexis is currently studying an International Masters of public health at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel .Possessing more than 10 years’ experience in public health management and planning, teaching undergraduate and conducting research in health sector.

Dr. Alexis recently founded a Burundi Medical Journal, which is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed, open-access, fully online journal that is published at least two times a year, where he served as an Editor-in-chief. Dr. Alexis is also  a founder and CEO of both Village of Health action and  English medical center ,community-based organizations which focus on enhancing the quality of health care through research, English ,ICT, health promotion and quality improvement. Dr. Alexis completed an IREX practicum internship in World Vision International Burundi, focused on integrated Health, nutrition and food security linked with child protection. Dr. Alexis is an active co-founding member of Burundi Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance, where he served as volunteer program manager. Dr. Alexis has a huge experience in working with Global NCD Alliance, Global Funds, Danish NCD Alliance (DNCDA) and Burundian Alliance against HIV/AIDS (ABS).

Dr. Alexis is also one of the scholars visiting the University of Wisconsin-Madison as part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, part of the Young African Leaders Initiative funded by US department; he have been selected from a pool of more than 64000 applications. All the same, he is one of the scholars visiting the USA as part of International Visitor Leadership Program. He has delivered lot of talks on global health matters at various institutions and conferences, including East African NexGen workshop, First regional conference on research and quality health care, AFSAAP conference 2018 and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Alexis is interested in bridging the gaps between global health research, policy and interventions for stronger health systems in Sub-Saharan African countries, and has a particular research interest in universal health coverage, Access to essential medicine, Cancer, inter-linkage between climate change, nutrition, drugs, food insecurity and NCD in the context of sustainable development in low income countries.