MUSEREBANYI Cyprien was born on 9/26/1985 in Kiryama, Songa Commune, Bururi Province. He is a doctor of medicine from the University of Burundi and  co-founder and Senior Partenrship Officer of Village Health Action projects, a non-profit health organization aimed at promoting basic public health at the national level. Thanks to this organization, he organized several community awareness activities in remote areas and in densely populated urban areas in Burundi. He has already organized several scientific and sports descents in many rural settings of Burundi.

Since November 2017 after he graduated from Medical School, Doctor MUSEREBANYI  is the head of the emergency department and of the blood bank at a police linked hospital in Burundi (Burundi National Police Hospital).

Apart his clinical duties Doctor MUSEREBANYI is involved in research and has published an article entitled «Management of Rheumatic Heart diseases in Burundi” published in RUDN Journal of MEDICINE. 2019; 23 (3): 290-296. DOI: 10.22363 / 2313-0245-2019-23-3-290-296 available on

He has already presented and participated in several scientific events organized by medical scientific societies in Burundi on various themes like “Emergency Care” where hie gave a presentation on “transfusion in emergencies». During these events audience is mostly made of Doctors and Medical Students.

Doctor MUSEREBANYI being involved in community reach out campaigns and he regularly gives talks on the benefits and particularly risks of blood transfusion. He is a dedicated blood donor and has received a certificate of honor from the National Center for Blood Transfusion (CNTS) for being among the best blood donors in Burundi.

He was a part-time teacher of courses of Medical pathology, anatomy, pediatrics, Surgical pathology, pharmacology, Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, ophthalmology, neonatology and obstetrics and gynecology in various secondary schools such us ITEM, ETPB, ESTI and EPCM that train the future nurses.

After obtaining his doctoral degree in general medicine in 2017, Dr. MUSEREBANYI embarked on an academic career, notably at the University of the Great Lakes (UGL) and at the Lumière University of Bujumbura (ULBU)where he is a part-time teacher in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing option, teaching  Pediatrics and neonatology and ENT courses and he is a supervisor of internship reports in this same faculty at the University of Great Lakes (UGL).

He does the same work at the université lumière de Bujumbura.

He has supervised several internship reports within these two universities. Some of the internship reports supervised by him are:

  • “The epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic profiles of acute diarrhea complicated by dehydration in children under 5 at the Autonomous Hospital of Ngozi”
  • “Epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects of neonatal infections at Makamba Hospital”;
  • “Epidemiological, clinical, therapeutic and progressive profiles of pre-eclampsia at Prince Regent Charles Hospital”
  • “Epidemiological and therapeutic aspects of type 2 diabetes in Kirundo Hospital”
  • “Contribution to the management of respiratory distress of the newborn at Kayanza Hospital”
  • “Epidemiological and clinical aspects of a strangulated hernia in Makamba Hospital”
  • “the epidemiological, clinical, therapeutic and progressive aspects of the Nephrotic Syndrome in adults at the University Hospital Center of Kamenge”
  • “the epidemiological, clinical, therapeutic and evolutionary aspects of malaria in children under 5 years of age at the CIBITOKE hospital”


Dr MUSEREBANYI wishes to promote health through quality teaching that he provides to his students and the end of internship reports that he directs for the finalists.