Graduation event for cohort number 11 & 9 in medical and general English

Theme: Find one of the compass to navigate in this challenging world

English Medical Center aims to help young people in Burundi to access to opportunities. Most of the possibilities are mainly in Anglophone countries, and Burundi has been struggling to compete with others due to lots of barriers include English.

From its creation, we had the same vision to break the status-quo by delivering skills to explore global benefits. Hundreds of Burundians have qualifications in English and IT through this initiative. Further, the program includes two sessions of coaching and mentoring on career opportunities and leadership.

On April 24, 2020, EMC hosted a double graduation event for the outgoing cohorts which is eleven for medical English and nine for general English. The program runs for a period of three months.  Trainees in general English learn enhanced grammar, daily conversion, interviews and public speaking skills. Medical English is for medical students, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals to help to work in an English environment without constraint.

65 graduate got certificates including 30 males and 35 females. As they finished, they challenged themselves to keep learning English.  The number of girls attending our training keeps increasing since we started the program. We are proud of these numbers as we believe that girls play an essential role in the development and their success will impact our lives.

During the seven years of existence, we have seen our graduate access to opportunities such as jobs, scholarships and various trainings. The EMC staff will keep digging for it to stay the hub every youth would come to resource himself and get empowered.